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Customer Reviews


Jun 24, 2015

Hiouchi, California

"This is a great shop!

I had Corey and his team at Smitty's do some preservation work on my original paint 63 single cab. The quality of work done is beyond any of my expectations. It had a lot of rust on the rockers, treasure chest floors, outriggers, jack points, battery tray, and some rear corner spots. The metal was repaired/replaced and blended into the original paint.

Many thanks Smitty's,



Jun 09, 2015

"First, I'm an Auto Body guy myself but more as a hobby, so I'm picky as I have known the trade since I was 17 years old. My wife and I will not go to any other shop other than Smitty's Auto Body, even though we live over 200 miles away. Since their opening, we have already taken 4 of our cars and trucks to them. They can work on almost anything from classics to brand new cars. Smitty's did work on our 23 window microbus, our Porsche 930 Turbo, our 57 Porsche 356A and lastly our AMG Mercedes.


We live several hours away, nearly 250 miles. Our Mercedes got bumped into at our local shopping center and unfortunately nobody left a note. Smitty's Auto Body arranged for us to have a rental car waiting when we arrived and the car was fixed to 100% factory specifications. All panel gaps were factory correct, color match was 100%, even the texture of the paint perfectly matched the rest of the car. This was all done in just a few days. My neighbor was a retired Concours d'Elegance judge in Monterey, California and even he said the level of work is award winning. Coming from a retired judge that used to judge multi-million dollar cars, that's impressive to say the least.


We will and do encourage others to make the drive to Smitty's to get the job done right! I would not hesitate to go anywhere except Smitty's when it comes to professional quality work and great customer service under a more than reasonable timeline! COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! I was just informed one of his customer's cars they restored was awarded FIRST PLACE. Whether it be a restoration, or a minor to major collision, they can also work with your insurance company to ensure a smooth transaction. 

While being a family run business, you get treated like a friend or family, not like another number. Corey pours his heart and soul into his projects and does each and every job like it was his own vehicle. He's respectful, loyal, kind, and very honest. These qualities are next to impossible to find an a individual these days. Give them a try, you will be beyond happy of the quality of work and you will be treated wonderfully. 


May 09, 2015


"Smittys took in my low light vert after a few years of other shops trying to turn a pretty, but horribly built show car, and gave me a safe and drivable toy for my fam to own for many years.


He started by fixing the dog claw marks from the shop that worked on it previously. The more Corey dug in to the car, the more he found substandard and scary work from the hacks that built it. Not all that glitters (on HotVWs cover) is gold. The car was a scary. Each time we ran into something, he would call and have a thoughtful conversation as he wanted to do things right, but didn't want me to ever think he was making up issues to increase the bill. We would chat through options and make decisions together. 


It's rare to find someone like Corey that has both the amazing skills and ethics any more. I highly recommend Smittys for any resto, parts or collision work. 


Apr 23, 2015

West Coast

"I want to thank Corey and his Crew for a job well done! I am an "Originl Paint Patina Guy" and have a Solid ccolor original paint deluxe. I talked to a co worker of mine, as he is into vintage original paint cars, about good body/paint guy's. He suggested another shop, but I chose Corey and the Crew at "Smitty's, as I knew that Corey would not steer me wrong, as he is passionate about original paint and keeping it as close to as original as possible. I called him and he told me to bring it up for an estimate.

My wife and the kid's went with me on my Birthday to get an estimate. He went over the bus with us and we ended up leaving it with him. I told him to take his time, as we didn't need it back right away. He stayed in touch through the whole process and there was No Final bill suprises, unlike other local shops. The bill was the bill. No more, No less. The bus turned out great and better than we expected.

It is very hard to find someone that has the talent and ability, let alone the Integrity that Corey and the Crew at Smitty's has! Corey treats people how he would want to be treated, with respect and dignity. It is VERY hard to find a shop with these Values now a days. We left feeling like a Valued customer and not like a number. Thank you for your hard work and Great customer service Corey. We will tell everyone we know about your shop!


Mar 30, 2015

"Corey just finished up doing all the bodywork and paint on my little rabbit pickup. Here's the build thread so you can see some of the great work he did.


I couldn't ask for a better bodyshop. He's awesome to work with and his attention to detail is fantastic. Even put up with all the little curveballs I threw at him. I'm sticking with Corey from here on out. He's going to be helping me restore my '56 bug next and all of my other VWs


Jan 7, 2015

Rocklin, CA

"I had allot of work done to my DC by Smitty's ...I highly recommend using them for any & all of your VW repairs! They take pride in there workmanship & reputation - they go the extra mile to find the right parts & install them properly. Corey & crew kept me in the loop every step of the way.

So in summery - they're a "Top Notch VW shop" ...go visit them and see what I mean


Sep 15, 2014

"I purchased a 1963 Notchback from Corey. It was exactly as he described it. The timing of my buy and ability to pick up the project were off. He trusted me and I trusted him. When I was able to come pick up the car, he waited for me, helped me out with any info he could give, her helped me load up the car, and even GAVE me some origonal wheels so I can make the car beautifully stock! You really get the feeling that Corey cares about his reputation over making money on the deal, or anything else. Plus he loves VWs, enjoying knowing that a car will be loved and worked on to be driven again.

It was one of those dealings where you are reasurred that good men can make honost deals. It has been a very good experience with Corey.

Thanks Corey.


Feb 18, 2014

Orangevale, Ca

"After having my car painted my a somee what friend and it going south just a few months after I decided to give Smitty's Auto Body a try for a full on re paint on my 56 Oval. Corey was very professional when dealing with him from start to finish!! Every aspect of the shop from the office to the employees and the quality of work are top notch in my opinion!! I am very pleased with how my car turned out and how everything was handled!! I would not hesitate to refer this shop to anyone I know!!

Thanks again for all the hard work Corey and crew!!