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Automotive Restoration Services

Automotive Restoration Services

From maintaining the condition of a beautifully restored vehicle to bringing new life into a vehicle with full automotive restoration services, our experienced and dedicated team of auto specialists at Smitty’s Auto Body Collision Repair & Restoration know how to impress you with a job well done. Whether you have a muscle car, a classic car or another type of vehicle that you need to maintain or restore, we are the trusted company that has been serving the Meadow Vista area for years, and we have worked hard to develop a reputation as the trusted auto repair and restoration company in the community.



We understand that your decision about which restoration team to use to service your vehicle is not a decision that you take lightly. Our team works hard to impress each of our clients with great results regardless of how big or small the project is. More than that, we openly communicate with you throughout the process. From the initial pricing estimate we provide to you for the restoration project you have in mind to any issues or observations we make during the restoration process, you can rest assured that we will continue to be in touch with you throughout the process. Your satisfaction with the finished result as well as the restoration process itself are our top priorities.

Body Fabrication and Restoration

Many automotive restoration projects require body work to be done to the vehicle. The importance of quality workmanship with this initial phase of the restoration project cannot be overstated. In order to ensure a flawless, impressive finished result with the project, the body work must be completed with precision and accuracy. However, there should also be a focus on containing costs and on completely work in a timely manner.

When you bring your vehicle to Smitty’s Auto Body Collision Repair & Restoration for service, you can rest assured that we will not cut corners on this important phase of the process, but we will also work diligently and will use proven techniques and quality equipment to keep costs low and to complete the work in a timely manner. All existing parts and panels will be thoroughly inspected, and we will identify any parts that are weakened, rusted or otherwise damaged. These are parts that may impact the overall finished result, and we will either repair or replace these before we move forward with other aspects of the restoration process. 

Interior Restoration Services

There is more to restoring a vehicle than making it look beautiful on the exterior. At Smitty’s Auto Body Collision Repair & Restoration, our upholstery team actively works with you to help you create an interior design that you love. Whether we are restoring a late model sedan with high-end leather or a classic muscle car with an eye-catching design, you can trust us to give you a result you will love. We have a full range of options for you to choose from. From the installation of a kit to fully customized interiors that are designed exactly to your specifications, we will not disappoint you. In addition, we also offer the same range of options for the dash and for all other aspects of the interior. We can even dress up your vehicle with comfortable fitted foam, modern seat belts for safety, a convertible top and more. When you reach out to our team, we can begin designing an interior that you will love. 



Mechanical Services

At Smitty’s Auto Body Collision Repair & Restoration, we also go to great lengths to improve your engine and mechanical components to your satisfaction. While we can maintain and tune-up a vehicle that has already been restored, we can also work hard to restore your vehicle so that it purrs to your specifications. We offer a full range of mechanical services, including upgrades, restoration of stock systems, fuel system services, engine swaps, AC installation service and more. Regardless of what you have in mind for your vehicle from a mechanical standpoint, rest assured that we have the knowledge, skills and dedication to transform your vision into a reality. 

Paint Restoration Services

Most vehicle restoration projects would not be complete without paint services. Whether you are planning a partial restoration that requires superior color matching services or full-body painting with a custom paint job and excellent detailing services, we are the company to call. A critical aspect of the painting process that will impact the look of the painted vehicle relates to imperfections in the vehicle’s surface. All ripples and imperfections must be smoothed and sanded away before the paint can be applied, and our experienced painting team uses advanced techniques to ensure flawless results. We offer a full range of painting services, including flame designs, stripes, metallic paint, chrome allusion effects, insignias and more. For any type of paint design that you can envision, we can give you the results you are looking for. 

Contact Smitty’s Auto Body Collision Repair & Restoration for all of your partial or complete restoration needs.